Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Instead of trying to make new laws that will restrict voting opportunities and potentially exclude civic participation from citizens, we should instead be trying to use our current technology to empower citizens and encourage civic involvement.

"Voting for the television show American Idol shouldn't be more accurate than the state of Florida's presidential election polls."

In Switzerland they have introduced e-voting so that citizens can vote for elections, bills, referendums, and participate in other democracy functions via computer and even mobile phone. Not only has this been working with great success it has also increased citizen involvement in politics. 

If citizens can safely do banking, pay taxes, and even register to vote online, then why not straight up voting?

In the past, voter participation has been an issue that concerned our government. There have been media campaigns that would attempt to encourage voter participation. Now with the polarization of the current political climate there has been a change to attempt to manipulate voting outcomes by enacting laws that would restrict voting and actually discourage citizens from voting.

This is wrong.

Not only should the government always be encouraging voting, it should also be proactive in using modern technology to find ways to get more citizen participation in the process. It shouldn't matter what party you are affiliated with, it shouldn't matter if you don't even vote. Making voting easier benefits us all and the country.

This is the bases of the Revoltive! Technology and information is our weapons of revolution!